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Default Re: 5870/5970 vs. GF100 (Fermi)

Originally Posted by Sazar View Post
You have 2 5870's AND a 5970?


Plus you yourself said that a single 5970 is about as a fast as sli'd 285's. Now you are saying it takes 2 x 5970 to beat an sli'd pair of 285's?
Thats not what I said, read it again (I said a 2 GPU 5970 not 2 5970s). 2 x 5970 levels anything out there.

I have all kinds of hardware and several PCs, it's a hobby of mine like many others here.

PS : I don't have the 5870s anymore and the 5970 will likely be going as well depending on how good Fermi is
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