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Default Re: 5870/5970 vs. GF100 (Fermi)

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
We'll have to wait on pricing to decide which card that Fermi is going to compete with. Price is going to be the chief factor for determing which card Fermi is going to compete with. If nvidia is able to work some miracle and keep Fermi from being stupidly expensive, then it will compete with the 5870. Otherwise, it will compete with the 5970.

Forget the fact that the 5970 has 2 chips, because that is irrelevant. Performance is performance, and if you want it, you have to pay for it.
It's irrelevant - as long as you compare it to 2 Fermi's (or the Fermi dual GPU card)

I can guarantee you there would be some major "dummy spitting" on this forum if things were the other way around.

From what little we know, it appears that 2 Fermi's will beat the 5970.

People who shell out ~$800+ for 2 video cards are rarely worried about price.
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