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Default Crysis Improved Object files

I have gathered a few object files from MODS at crymod for people, to have a different look while

playing the Crysis games.

No need for editor just place z_Objects.pak file in the games folder and it works.

If you want all attachments and stuff at once.
IN console type:
con_restricted 0
I_giveallitems 1

If you do not like or want to change anything in the z_objects.pak file.You can use 7zip to open archive and add or delete files.



MD5: 80DB465FCC8678BE538B3F8DF652B8C4

Copy z_Objects.pak file in your Crysis or Crysis Warhead \Game folder.

You must play on "High"-Texture Settings to see the alternate texture.

If you use modiefied object files, scripts, textures the cheatprotection wont't let you play.

NEVER modify the original pak-files!

Have Fun!Thanks to all the great modders.If I did not get your name correct,please shoot me a PM.

Modfiles and Modders

z_asian tank camo wood2 by FarCryer
z_asian_aaa_black by FarCryer
z_asian_APC_camo_wood by FarCryer
z_Asian_Heli grey&rusty by FarCryer
z_asian_smallboat_camo_desert by FarCryer
z_Asian_Truck_red_used_look by FarCryer
z_Civ_car Flames by FarCryer
z_hi-res_nanosuit_clean by Chrome235
z_moacskin by James-Ryan
z_Objects by Salmon01(grassandplants)
z_scar_reptil_skin by FarCryer
z_shotgunskin by James-Ryan
z_SMGskin by Blazeweed
z_socom_two-tone by FarCryer
z_us_Cargoplane_olive-green by FarCryer
z_US_Fighter_B_b&o by FarCryer
z_US_Heli black by FarCryer
z_VTOL_us_seams&bolts by FarCryer
zz_ammoboxes by polyx
zz_AY-69 by Alex626
zz_gauss_tiger by benjouille lagribouille
zz_lawdigiskin by benjouille lagribouille
zZ_objects by SH4DOWFAX(red C4)
zz_red_sniper by djgojonny
zz_scope_assault By Predaaator
CustomSniperScope By Vert-X
zz_sexy_vehicles by mangobyebye(Flame LTV)
zz_XrepRockets by Xigmatek
zz_XtremeParticleChaos by Xigmatek
zz_CybranNuke1 by Xigmatek
zzz_AR10T By .BAD.Ronin
zzz_US_Vehicles_Urban(partialtank,hovercraft) by FarCryer
zZZ_objects by MinI****(F71+Grenade)
z_GameData By Kilroy357(scarSCARIncendiaryBullet)
z_jp_foods_2 by gosuke
Parachute 1.0 By SteelRaven7(Press 9)
Radioactive barrel by LostSomewhere
Screenshot Mod by CyberAlien
Little Shell-Cases-MOD by JACK RABBITz
zz_crate by ExplosiveBullet
MinigunMOD2 by Crytek(modified by xpi/caro60)
Warheadobjects for Crysis game By Crytek(no hilltrees)

Some compare files before/after
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