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Default Re: 5870/5970 vs. GF100 (Fermi)

Originally Posted by kaptkarl View Post
Some folks here say the best card is the fastest card...period. In which case ATI wins w/ the 5000 series.

Some folks say is the best card is the one that has the best price vs. performance ratio. Again ATI wins w/ the 5000 series.

Sorry NVidia fanboys......facts speak for themselves....period. Now before you guys get your panties in a wad here, I currently OWN a NVidia card. I'm not chosing sides, nor am I loyal to a particular brand.

I just wish some people would quit looking at this w/ blinders on. See it for what it is. I hope the Fermi GF100 series cards rock the planet.......competition is a good thing for us all.

Oh, and before I get off my soapbox.....let me set something straight. ATI's drivers are EQUAL to, if not better than NVidia's. Quit using that as a crutch to justify NVidia having an advantage. In my personal experiences the last few yrs I've experienced MORE issues w/ NVidia's drivers than ATI's. Just saying from my own personal experiences. Now NVidia does have profiles.....ATI does not. But does that make them better???

Back on topic........again I hope the GF100 series is a solid, fast and competitively priced product. We'll see...............................

I say, upon Fermi's release, throw the top dog up against ATI's best. And for us price minded folks, show price vs performance as well.

While I agree that ATI has the faster cards and WAY better pricing, I can't agree on the driver situation. Of course, in a lot of cases I think that boils down to luck.

As for the profiles, well actually it does make them better in that particular respect.
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