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Default Re: 5870/5970 vs. GF100 (Fermi)

Originally Posted by Slytat
PS : JFYI, I never asked for any endorsements from you or anybody else here, I stated my experiences and was not looking for any validation.
Stating experiences is one thing. Going around and repeatedly claiming and arguing with people about 285 SLI being comparable in performance to 5970 is doing a little more than that. You're laying a claim to fact which you must then prove if you expect others to take you seriously.

And that's where there's a problem, because the only proof you have of this "fact" that you keep claiming is a single benchmark review that is quite questionable since it clashes with results found on several other reputable sites.

I don't care if Hilbert is a CEO of a graphics division, if he were, there is still the margin of error that you get when you decide to take a single set of benchmarks and ignore everything else out there. You keep going that route if you like; I'm not going to. I would rather see something validated and confirmed by a few different sources before I believe something, but hey, you do what you like.

Do you really think I care if they meet with your approval? (That's a resounding "I don't" in case you were in any doubt).
You keep turning this into some sort of personal issue. It is not. It's not about meeting "[my] approval"; it's about you proving your claims to fact.

PPS : 10-15% is not significant in my opinion but that's subjective. Obviously you think it is and you are entitled to that opinion.
Yes, because 3x performance of a 285 in Stalker equates to "10-15%" difference between 5970 and 285 SLI. I guess you plan to show us the first confirmed case of SLI scaling about 180% on a game.


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