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Default Re: 5870/5970 vs. GF100 (Fermi)

Originally Posted by Sowk View Post

Look... I too found a Benchmark where the GTX295 is better then the ATI 5970...

The point is to find games that are graphically intensive to do your comparison with since we're discussing cutting-edge hardware. Why should anyone expect a brand new card to really shine in games that already run over 70fps on prior hardware (GTX 275) like in your Wolfenstein test?

That's why I posted benches specifically of Crysis and the new Stalker, because they are the two most graphically intense games on the market and allow for a more accurate gauge of the strength of newer hardware. Need for Speed is also a newer title which can be demanding when you turn up the AA.

Sure, you'll see benches that show there's not much of a difference between 5970 and 295 or 285 SLI. But consider what it is that you're looking at and whether that game really utilizes the extra graphics power. Also, how do you rationalize the fact that some tests, like the Need for Speed tests at Hardocp, show the 5970 more than doubling the GTX 295 in performance?

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