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Default Re: GTX 260/280 Clock Throttling While in 3D Apps. An Explanation.

I've been hearing as well as dealing with this nonsense problem for over 9 months now. While in a fullscreen App/3D Game the card trips up, it hangs in a 2D (throttled down) power state, requiring a reboot to resume it's fullpowered capabilities.

It's reared its head in XP-> vista->now Win7 environments since my installing the EVGA GTX-260 SSC 216c. A great card, howeva, izabsolutely annoying that I've gotta reboot my comp to get my card to power back up. It's ridiculous! I've tried so many configs short of replacing the card, (I am a 12 year net. admin vet) and I've got nothing. So far, I've decreased the amount of times it happens, as well as discovered a few of the following things those of you with the same issues may find helpful

What is obvious and apparently causing the issue:
1.) if the card is left at its native clocks in certain games, or SLIGHTLY over clocked (<5%) in it will cause the card to trip up, (blank or distorted display, however BGMusic or ambient sounds typically still work) YET, can usually resume playing only after immediate alt-tab to desktop to lower clocks, or Ctrl-Alt-Del "EndTask" and restart the game... =a good 75% chance of the card being hung in a 2D power state.

2.)if you alt-tab to the desktop from a fullscreen 3D app/game, thus throttling down as normal, but becoming hung in that 2D power state. (unless this function is disabled in NVcntrl thanks in part to you Chris (I think) for the new op to do so, or also rivatune )

If it becomes hung, it will not revert no matter how many times you try to adjust the clocks using various clock adj. utilities, changing NVcontrol options, or re-launching any number or variety of 3D titles...sadly, a reboot is required...pray that your progress was recently saved...or because of the horrendous decrease in FPS, you may spend about 3x the time and effort getting to the next save location, aka checkpoint.

This I believe, is the point that so many seemingly missed or ignored throughout the majority of this thread...can anyone PLEASE educate me as to a possible fix for, issue, please. I can't believe that only like FIVE posts out of 92..... FIVE!!! were even remotely close to being on topic...ANYWAY!!!! Chris, thanks for providing the direct line to Nvidia, this is priceless, I hope it is regarded as such, not a listening post for how people warm their feet with their PC in Scottsdale.TAnx

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