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Post Thoughts on the day after.

I was disapointed by the 40.41 & 40.71 set initially, I guess I've been waiting for new drivers so long that I sort of expected these to be THE driver release. You know; a huge performance gain, increased IQ, more features, my penis grows 4", etc...but they were only really a bug fix release along with some increased IQ.

Then again, that ain't such a bad thing. These drivers are nice & solid for me ('cept for NOLF2 & UT2k3 in D3D, but I'm starting to think there may be an actual problem there.) and the image quality really IS improved. They still seem a little un-polished to me for some reason, like we're in the 2nd or 3rd revision of some new code and we'll have to get to revision 4 or 5 before they start carrying some heavy drool-factor.

Mayhaps my GF3 has just reached it's performance ceiling, mayhaps the drivers are soley focused on the GF4 line; either way I'm glad I had something to play with at least.

That's it, the new release is now officially over... where in the hell are my new drivers? It's been almost two whole days already!

(Not a biggy, I just finished downloading a new set of 9x radeon drivers thanks to the Candyman.)
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