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Default Re: 6 Monitor recomendations

Originally Posted by cycler View Post
A catch I noticed with the Matrox device is that I will have to have a video card with two DVI-D connectors on it to achieve 1280x1024 resolutions on all three monitors. See compatibility sheet.
Please note that you can have up to 1680x1050 per LCD with the TH2G,
note just 1280x1024. So the combined maximum resolution will be 5040x2100
(2x 3x1680x1050). Which resolution do you need per LCD?

Originally Posted by cycler View Post
Where will I find a GTX series that has two DVI-D connectors or should i be looking at a 9000 series card?
Please note that you need dual-link DVI outputs. However, to my knowledge,
any 8-series and up cards with two DVI connectors have dual-link outputs. So any
recent card should just do it - at least my XFX GTX 260 Black Edition is working
just fine at 5040x2100 :-)

Originally Posted by cycler View Post
If I went back to having two cards (each with 1 DVI-D connector), do I again run into having to use Xinerama?
Yes - if you want to "move windows from one GPU to the other one", then
you need Xinerama.


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