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Default Re: 5870/5970 vs. GF100 (Fermi)

Originally Posted by gulizard View Post
Even if ATI was remotely faster, I could careless as well. ATI is junk. The first ATI card I owned literally caught fire inside my case. I called ATI who was the manufacture of the card, this is back when ATI actually made its own card, and they couldn't explain what may have happened. The next card I got for a little bit more after taking the one that burnt back to bestbuy was a 9800. I got BSOD's all the time in Matrix's Online, HL2 card I got with it was cool, and I did keep it, however when HL2 came out the game ran like pure crap on the 9800. So I ended up sitting on a 9800, and going out and grabbing a 5950 Ultra. I think. It may have been a bit smaller. Game play was smoother, even though people claimed the ATI card's were much faster, and less buggier, and there were no crashes.

I've owned nvidia all my life since then. I ain't going to trade it out because some guy says he can get 130 FPS on ATI, opposed to my 100 FPS. So what. I can't tell the difference, if I can play and kill people at the highest level of detail then I couldn't careless so as long as its smooth, and nvidia has done that for me. Some here play with ungodly resolutions, me I am happy with my 1600 by 1050 resolution, and that took me forever to get use to considering I was using the standard 1280 by 1024 resolution.

This is like the great Ford Vs Chevy debacle. These guys get these trucks and they have to make it known they have a better truck, when in reality I work with these trucks all day and I will tell you what, forget what some numbers on a site said, FORD is more reliable, pulls better, last longer. Same for nvidia, its much more reliable (from my experience in owning both ATI, and Nvidia) and the drivers do not crash. In fact I cannot report one blue screen with nvidia drivers. Not one that ever pertained to a blue screen that was nvidia's drivers being at fault. I've had to reinstall them because they didn't install right before, but that is it.

Fermi is what its going to be, nvidia has been schooling ATI for sometime to come. I believe they will continue, and its not about which is better. Its about whose more loyal. Honestly which is more cooler? The pretty nvidia green logo, or the crappy ati red. nvidia has a way cooler logo, a better site to navigate through, more things support nvidia, the name is cooler, I mean just going to their site makes you feel like you have one bad ass card. Which is true you do.

Keep enjoying the wait then i guess....
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