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Default Re: Anyone running a Q9650 here?

I have a 120mm blowing between both GTX260s because the top 260 was blocking the SB. The SB was hitting 70C at full load. This got me to 54C at full load, which I can stand. But, I'm curious if the heat from the top 260 while gaming is hitting the waterblocks for the NB and Q9650 and heating them up a bit. I may have to place a 120mm there just to test tonight. But, the one thing I think this case is really missing is vents in the window to mount a fan to blow cool air on the SLI setup. I had this in my old Lian-Li PC-V1200 and my E8400 was ICE cold. In defense of this case though, the Q9650 was never below 42C at idle on that Lian-Li at 3.825GHZ.
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