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Default Re: 5870/5970 vs. GF100 (Fermi)

Originally Posted by Johnny C View Post
Yeah cause you're opinion isn't biased by the fact that you spent 50K on a pickup truck.

I've worked in the oilsands most of my adult the worst mining conditions on earth +40'C summer and -50'C winter....know what holds up....Chevy.....Dodges have issues with the bodies actually falling apart not to mention the front ends are made up of happy thoughts(no real substance), Fords hold up better but they nuke engines so fast you'd wonder if they were made from paper mache...6.4 powerstroke= my injectors like to stick on and hydraulic the piston....yay ford. How much is a new powerstroke? Not to mention clutches and transfer 10 years we've never had a chevy blow the transfer case, every ford we've had has done it at least once. Honestly I don't know about the new K5500's they've bought...they're too new yet to have issues...maybe they'll succumb to the same transfer case issues as the F-550's only time will tell.

Chev has some issues....mainly front end parts...ball joints and tie rod ends and wheel bearings...but they're way cheaper to fix than a hydraulic'd piston thru the side of the block.

So while you may be basing your opinion on what you believe are facts....many have experiences to the contrary. Brand loyalty is absolutely pointless.

As far as ford pulling harder.....all I have to say is G80 differential...
I spent way more then 50k, but that isn't nothing for me. Chevy is junk. Its a pushrod motor and pushrod is outdated technology. More moving parts. Thats why the lifters begin to rattle after 100k miles on them. I don't care where you worked at. I've worked in coal mines, and the company I am working for now. We've been around for along time. My boss has trucks that would be considered classics if you seen them. Hes got Ford's he had chevys as well, but none of them made it. 79 Ford F150 that I own now with 700k miles on it. 351 Cleveland. Original everything. My last 6.0L Diesel that everyone swore was a dud, had 330k miles on it, never had nothing but the regular tune ups done at the local dealership.

Facts? Its a fact when you pick up consumer reports, which is the one place you can look, and expect to find the harshes reviews of any vehicle, and find that FORD was the one truck that held up to their testing. Chevrolet and GMC both got on the liability a "Less then average" rating. I'd love to take you on a tour and show you what we do to these poor trucks. We've never had to take a Ford in to have major work done to it. We keep them maintained, and we do own Duramax's, 6.0 V8's, 5.3L Vortec V8's. We have plenty of trucks. Even our rangers out do the bigger trucks at lasting longest. Ford has the strongest motor around. Paper mache? What are you doing to them neglecting to change the oil? We have been tearing down the Executive Inn, in Evansville Indiana. Guess what? A guy hit a rock in a Ford F150 service truck that was to big to go under the truck, he didn't realize it, but it punctured the oil pan. He drove 10 miles before the engine locked, we had the truck towed back to our shop, we poured oil in the spark plug valleys, and fixed the oil pan, and were able to get the motor to start up and run. It now runs with no issues at all. Thats FORD TOUGH.

I've taken these motors apart myself buddy. They are made out way stronger material then anything that Government Motors could have. My Powerstroke has had no issues with Injectors. We have a bunch of F250's with 6.4L's they have high miles and are stock, no issues. We have lots of fun at work. I've tied chains to chevy's and fords, and watched the Ford drag the drive shaft out from under the chevrolet. Ford's are stupid and don't know when to quit. I have nothing to say about Dodge. They have one good thing, thats the cummins, and we can get Ford F650's with the Cummins in them so we don't even buy Dodges. We had one, and the suspension was just terrible. No off road capability what so ever.

Anyway to get back on topic. I never said that my opinion was fact. However nvidia has more fans, more people buy nvidia. Its site is easier to manage. Of course someone who just spent 500 bucks on a new ATI card is going to defend ATI. I hate ATI because it caught fire in my PC. EXPLAIN how a video card catches fire? A 9600 SE! They didn't even think it ran hot enough to put a cooling fan on it, and it catches fire. That case was ruined. It stunk like burnt plastic till the day I got rid of it. Not to mention the fans I had in it helped make the fire worse by supply it with oxygen. I am sorry but when I install an ATI card and I see artifacts in the games I play, I uninstall it, and get a card that doesn't. Like I said I enjoy playing my games smooth and crash free. If that means sacrificing 10% of the already awesome performance, so be it. I'll stick with nvidia, because they have been pretty damn good to me. Plus EVGA doesn't make ATI cards, and I only buy from the US
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