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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragons Online Goes Free-To-Play

If I get bored of MWLL or Mass Effect 2 next week, looks like DDO has an update next week making it free'r (gets rid of point requiring leveling sigils) and adds in 4 higher level free quests.
Update 3 Preview

Turbine still has a really beautiful DX10 client on their hands (shared engine tech with LotRO), so if you're looking for a free'ish MMO, probably worth at least a look see (I believe they have an iterative client download so it grabs the base engine and introductory quests firsts, allows you to play and then continues grabbing the rest of the content packs.)

Download Manager version of the Client
DX10 High Rez Client (4GB) Complete Install
Free Account Creation

Pimping this out just cuz . Plus I'll have to play this again after the oversized/uglified interior graphics of STO beta touched me in a bad place.
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