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Default Re: ***Official Mass Effect 2 (PC) Thread***

Damn you all and your compliments for the game. I think it's time to just use my moneys and get the game instead of waiting for a videocard, lol. Should I? Seeing how Fermi got pushed back till April, I don't think a GTX 260 is going to drop anytime soon.

Can anyone go in-depth about the combat system? I really didn't like it from the live streams I was watching. It just seems pretty hectic and there was nothing more to it than duck and cover + biotics. It seems that if you see crates or something to get behind, you know theres going to be a rush coming. I guess it's something you have to actually play to understand.

The scanning for resources worries me though. I thought that part of the game wasn't thought out well at all. It's like, "Hey Illusive Man, care to spot me so I can upgrade stuff to save humanity? You spent over 4 billion on my ass, what's another 450K for upgrades?"

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