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Default Re: ***Official Mass Effect 2 (PC) Thread***

So I gave the game a few hours last night and I gotta say, its awesome. Yeah it's RPG Lite now but lets be honest, the Heavier RPG elements in the previous title didn't work too well. Only fear I have is tht my character will be maxed out before even finishing the game. In my opinion a game that allows the player to customize their character shouldn't be able to max every skill in a single play through. They should have created something like Borderlands/Diablos skill tree.

I love the improvements to the shooting though, its so much better now. I actually feel like I have control over my characters accuracy now. The guns do need stats, thats a valid complaint... they have a difference, they aren't just paint jobs but without any stats its such a guessing game. I don't care about a lack of inventory system, I actually like how you pick your equipment but the complete lack of items is kinda meh.

I don't know why they removed armor though, yeah the player can choose his armor but its just stat bonuses not actual armor like the previous game. Worse is that you can't choose your squadmates armor which is just weird. I mean why is one character in the party fully armored yet everyone else in their PJs.

The games look is awesome. The graphics improvements is very noticable, character faces look better and the world seems more active and alive. I love how you travel from location to location now, gives the player alittle more hands on.

My last complaint and probably the thing that bothers me the most is the summary screen when you complete a mission. This just feels out of place in an on going story rpg, its better in a level based game like Serious Sam or just in one that the levels aren't connected or try to be. This kinda interupts the game and just seems out of place.

I know it sounds like im talking negative about the game but I am really nitpicking, overall the game is better then the original. Im having a blast with it.
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