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Default Re: ***Official Mass Effect 2 (PC) Thread***

Ok, first the good
1) story so far seems to be an improvement compared to ME
2) fights seem to be more fluid, engaging.

now the bad parts
1) Inventory system, almost completely gone, you can pick type of gun, and pick type of armor, thats it
2) custom armors (blood dragon, inferno), why can't you remove the damn helmet. Animation in bar when you ask for drink, goes through the helmet
3) 4 times I got stuck in different objects, ceiling, barricade, floor and a rock
4) Almost all types of guns use same type of ammo, same bull**** they tried in Deus Ex2
5) RPG elements almost completely gone
6) no In-game DLC download system
7) maybe a spoiler ---> Jack, come on, WTF, she was able to destroy half of the ****ing ship, blow holes in the side of steal walls, and jet in the fight she is weak and keeps dying. the Jack intro scene was a bit over exaggeration, don't you think?
8) Why does Zaeed have no conversation system? did they forget?
9) very limited amount of guns - pathetic, they turn the game into shooter and have less guns then before

Conclusion: Worst Bioware creation to this date
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