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Default Re: ***Official Mass Effect 2 (PC) Thread***

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
Ok, first the good
1) Inventory system, almost completely gone, you can pick type of gun, and pick type of armor, thats it
The inventory system was one of the weakest parts of the first game. Good riddance I say.

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13
2) custom armors (blood dragon, inferno), why can't you remove the damn helmet. Animation in bar when you ask for drink, goes through the helmet
3) 4 times I got stuck in different objects, ceiling, barricade, floor and a rock
Yes both of these are annoying, they always had helms disappear for conversations in the first game and I've become stuck on objects a few times. However these are minor problems, a quickload fixes the "stuck" problem and you can always take your helmet off and use a different suit, since picking your own armor generally results in better bonuses anyway.

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13
4) Almost all types of guns use same type of ammo, same bull**** they tried in Deus Ex2
An odd complaint since guns did not use ammo at all in ME1 or ME2 and it clearly explains why in the codex entries. The clips you're using are a replacement for the overheat system of the first game (which was annoying, this is better).

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13
5) RPG elements almost completely gone
Huh? Which ones? Compared with the first game, all that's missing is the inventory system. What else is missing? Classes, techs, levels, all still there?

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13
6) no In-game DLC download system
This is nitpicking in the extreme.

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13
8) Why does Zaeed have no conversation system? did they forget?
Most likely because he was a rushed DLC. I agree here, I found the Zaeed DLC to be fairly pointless and he requires no effort to attain "loyal" status.

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13
9) very limited amount of guns - pathetic, they turn the game into shooter and have less guns then before
There's the same amount of guns as the first game, (if not more) and many shooters as well. I have no less than 20 or so different guns right now, how is that "pathetic"?

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13
Conclusion: Worst Bioware creation to this date
Now this is just beyond absurd. Everything bad about the first game was removed and everything good was improved. You are delusional.
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