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Default Re: ***Official Mass Effect 2 (PC) Thread***

nekro, grats on being the first hater, and with no solid grounds for hating it too.

One of the stations around the ship (I encountered it during the initial space station) allows you to choose how your character looks (helmet, no helmet) as well as lets you change your attire when on your ship.

DLC downloader, yea, big whoop. RPG elements, still there. Guns and their ammo type.. bull**** I have started with 5 guns, and rescently picked up a 6th alien beem weapon. ALL 6 guns use different clip types.

Funny enough I think this is biowares best game to date. Bioshock was a pretty face but as a shooter I didn't think it was anything real great. Me1 kinda blew for me, and ive expressed my opinions on Dragon Age. I didn't try their star wars action rpg games, but I was never impressed with their graphics so I shunned em.
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