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Default Re: ***Official Mass Effect 2 (PC) Thread***

Originally Posted by nomec View Post
Yes, I was getting like 20 fps with the 00000045 mode. nHancer didn't have a ME2 profile so I just made my own. Did you make all of the other settings the same as ME? Maybe I did something wrong.
I have everything max in-game at 1080res... never touched anything in the ini, forcing 4xMSAA in nHancer using 00045 mode, 60fps locked at all times.

I have tested with it off and see much more jaggies and same performance.
I gots one of them high powered gaming computers with an EVGA GTX 480 video thingy and a Q9550 processing device and also one of them Windows 7 64 operating programs with 4GB of some Corsair 1033 DDR2 ram.

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