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Originally Posted by Tuork View Post
Thanks for the input guys.
As mentioned, I just need a simple cable for whenever I feel like hooking up my laptop to my parent's TV, so I'll just buy the cheap-o cable.

Good call, save the money...nekrosoft13 is exactly right. If the signal gets there than it is the same quality no matter if you paid $3 or $100 from Best Buy. The only differences is in HDMI cables is the new 1.4 "certified" HDMIs can carry a web signal. So if you have a new DVD or BluRay player with an Ethernet connection you can use the 1.4 HDMI to get web TV, if not stay with the 1.3s Monoprice has great prices but I get my HDMI cables from FlyShark mainly because they always answer the phone and actually have people that can answer my techi questions.

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