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Default Re: Fedora 12 + nvidia driver 96.43.14 = black screen and Xorg 100% cpu

Fedora graphical startup is not friendly to using the NVIDIA drivers. It starts up nouveau whether you want it or not and blocks the use of another driver for the xserver. To use the NVIDIA drivers add the following to the end of the kernel line in grub.conf

3 vga=791 rdblacklist=nouveau nomodeset

This will give you a text console where you can login, su to root and issue the commands setting up the NVIDIA xorg.conf, etc. Then exit will get you out of root and you can start the xserver with the startx command.

For subsequent logins you enter the username and password followed by the startx command.

I use that technique on a legacy riva tnt card and a more current GeForce 7600 GS card.

It is much faster than waiting for the graphical start sequence.

Robert McBroom
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