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Default Re: nvidia driver very unstable on gtx260m

I have gtx260M, 32 bit system, kernel 32 and the card is "working" in the same way with the last stable nvidia-drivers or the beta 195.*

There are for me two main (and BIG) problem:
-the first is exposed here: and is about the switching to 3D frequencies.

-Second, when I start the laptop with battery power (even if later I plug the power supply, the card doesn't switch from Battery to AC despite the ACPI is working good) the X is very unstable and when crash the error is:
[13640.620325] NVRM: Xid (0002:00): 6, PE0001

The second issue is not present when alimentation is plugged in at the system boot; the first persists.

All my bug-reports are in the thread reported above

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