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Default 6200LE 256 megs Win7 aero memory issues

I recently upgraded to a 3 monitor setup and had to add a PCI video card to my setup. I re-installed windows 7 x64 and the problem I'm having is with the memory usage when aero is enabled.

I've been using GPUz to track memory usage and my new 6200LE 256mb registers 14mb used when aero is disabled and 70-80mb when enabled. Aero works fine up until the point where close to 100mb of memory usage occurs (i.e. several windows open) when my system locks up.

System information:
P35-DS3R mobo
Audigy 2 in PCI 1 slot
6200LE in PCI 2 slot
8 gigs of RAM
Pagefile enabled (tried both on and off but no change)
Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration: Compatibility performance mode (tried default also but no change)

Any ideas why there's a limit reached when aero uses 100mb of video memory?
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