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Default Re: Crysis 2 preview

Originally Posted by Soetdjuret View Post
hey animal, can you give a bit more detailed info of the techniques you've used for that pic and how you did. I've tried a few times but my result never ends up as good as yours. I must say am impressed with your work on that pic, the original pic was just horrible full of white noise.
Cool I can give a short tutorial.

I use Photoshop CS2 (if you have another version of Photoshop it should be very similar) and I obviously used this picture:

1) Crop it carefully it is quite important you get rid of excess white bits around the edge this comes up important later.

2) Duplicate the layer 3 times.

3) On one layer I used the Remove Noise filter - I was quite brutal - maximum strength and remove colour noise, I didn’t preserve detail because it reserved the noise.

4) On another layer I used Surface Blur, with a radius of 2 pixels and a threshold of roughly 50 (you can play with the threshold a bit)

5) On another layer I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Blur More Filter was quite effective.

6) Now all three methods create unique noise removal patterns which by them selves don’t look very nice. But by COMBINING them using the layer opacities across the three layers you can play around until you find the best compromise and hopefully cross each pattern out as best as you can.

7) Merge layers.

8) Image > Adjustments > Autolevel, this is where step one is important because the white around the edges will screw up the autolevel formula, as does the white noise you should have hopefully got rid of.

9) Get rid of the textbox by copying a small square of the image above the textbox and move it over the textbox, this will create a new layer you can conceal the edges using the erasor. This is mush quicker than covering stuff up with the clone tool.

10) Merge layers.

10) Scale image down with Image Size and for a blurry scan always use Bicubic Sharper filtering.

11) Tinker with the colours and create a top and bottom border so that it fits your monitor resolution.

12) Play with additional noise removal or smart sharpen until the feel of your image is right.

13) Play with colour correction variations until you are satisfied. Generally tinker around.

14) Good luck.
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