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1. Is 32 bit depth supported on Linux? (it is in Windows XP).
No, it is my understanding that XFree86 does not support 32 bit color and is the limiting factor (rather than the nvidia driver / hardware), although there are few situations where you'll be able to tell the difference without a very expensive monitor.

2. I tried to install SuSe 8.2. ..
screen goes black for a couple of min and then the screen comes on all garbled
I do not know. I have never used SuSe and do not know anything special about their installers.

You have very new hardware however, and I would suggest using SuSe 9 for better hardware support, that is if you've decided not to use RedHat. Now, video problems like you describe are frequently caused by motherboard support options for the kernel (even the installer boots a full kernel). You may be able to disable ACPI, APM, or DMA options for the installer and see better success.
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