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Talking Screwed up control panel fixed..!

Ok, for those who have read my previous post and were having similar problems I have found the solution. It looks like there were some old 30.xx files lying around that for some reason did not interfere with the 40.41's but were interfering with the 40.71's...!?!
Anyway, after much forum trawling, I found a little utility which fixed the problem ...


For those of you who have already installed the 40.71's just do the first 3 steps and reboot, don't re-install the drivers. If my experience is anything to go by then this should fix the problems, it may also solve some of the other issues people are having so it might be worth giving it a go...

Just a thought about WHQL certification, it looks like the 40 series drivers are a significant departure from everything that has gone before so the main stumbling block for nVidia may have more to do with a bulletproof cleanup and install system rather than the drivers themselves..!?!? Just a thought..
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