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Default Re: help me overlock please(swift replies plz Ty)

Originally Posted by ragejg View Post
Don't these new AMD's have two ways of reporting cpu temp?

I think so. I use AMD Overdrive for my Asus M3A sb600 mobo.,,3715_153..._15359,00.html

For each core the temp is reported... (mine @ stock is @ 40 for each core), and then there is TMPIN1, TMPIN2 & TMPIN3. 1 is @ 57, 2 is @ 40, 3 is @ 25.

I heard the Phenoms can take slightly higher temps than the older cpus as well... like, that 60 isn't as bad of a temp as it used to be like back in the Athlon XP days.
yea but his idle is almost 50. Thats too hot for an idle temp.
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