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are there ne nvidia guys out here!
i dont think so
sorry pal , your question will not be answered . i have been asking the same question for about 2 days , and i get no replies

dont you think that its problem with quake
quake is 'THE BEST' rendering engine.
ofcourse it will be beaten by the new doom III engine but dont you ever think that its the problem with quake
these nvidia drivers are really buggy .
i hate nvidia

i think you will be getting a mail that some xyz has answered your post. so u might be here .
i am very sorry about this .i cannot answer your post. if i ever want to buy a graphics card i would definitely go for ATI or MATROX , i hate NVIDIA bull **** , they dont care about the drivers , all very buggy ...

so the gist of it is that you are not getting ne help from these nvidia guys here.
they are nothing but ***holes .

i would suggest you go for winblow$ rather than linux
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