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Default Re: help me overlock please(swift replies plz Ty)

This is one of the better links for a how-to on o/c phenoms and phenom IIs.

I have the Xigamatek S1283 I paid $25 CAD for it and it works better than the Zalman 9700CU I had on my 9850BE rig.

I'd definitely recommend it for bang/buck reasons.

with the 965BE 125W @ STOCK SPEEDS AND VOLTS it idles mid 20's and loads at about 42'C in my antec 900

With my current o/c it idles at 30-32'C and full load with intel burn test @ 53'C

If you're overclocking and changing settings and want to determine system stability more quickly than Prime95 can provide, download Intel Burn Test. It works on all systems and can make sure that you're reasonable stable in about 10-15 minutes. It's a linpak utility. Some people even claim that it's better than the prime95 blend test as they were prime stable but could not complete the intelburntest on standard. I always run the test on maximum...I used it to get my 3.9ghz o/c, haven't run prime95 or orthos yet...but I haven't had a single blue screen/black screen/restart etc. after passing intelburntest.


Phenom II 965BE @ 3.9ghz 200X19.5 1.4625 vcore 2.8ghz NB 2.4ghz HT - Asus M4A79XTD-EVO bios 0604 - 12GB Corsair DDR3 1600 @ 1600mhz CAS 9 w/1T - XFX 6970 2GB 950/1450 - Xigmatek S1283 HSF - Antec 900 - Windows 7 Ultimate x64
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