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Default Re: multimonitor with nvidia

Originally Posted by design View Post
i first want to use 2 Quadro FX 4800 in one pc to get the multi-monitor problem managed. but some experts told me that there will be a problem with the synchronisation of the 3 displays. this should only work with a nvidia quadro plex and quadro G-Sync. knows someone if the syncronisation is functional with GF100? hint: i want to render a full screen OpenGL Scene over the 3 displays without a judder! it seems to be a complex problem ;-)
Who are these experts?

The Quadro line has been donig multi monitor for quite some time, even before the Gefore line got to display windows across multiple display. You may want to try SLi Zone or if you can find him here, ChrisRay and send the guy a PM with your questions conserning Multi monitor and the quadros. be specific and give him some time, if he doesn't have the answer, he can get it as he has direct contact with Nvidia.
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