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Default Re: SLI 260 worth it?

Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
I hate to be the spoiler but why would you want to buy old tec when you can buy a HD5850 for as low as $275 and two of them will play any game and future ones two.I would wait and see what nvidia comes out with since you have waited this long ,if you just don't like ATI/AMD.But another GTX 260 will still probbally play any game for another year anyway.
Well, other than very limited DX11 titles right, what is it 1 out so far. But spending around 175 vs 275 he saves cash, can do SLi for now as he is propably waiting for Nvidias Fermi before deciding on what to buy in DX11 hardware and then there is the performance. In most cases it will be on par to slightly better than the single 5850.
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