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Default Re: Fedora 12 + nvidia driver 96.43.14 = black screen and Xorg 100% cpu

Originally Posted by dabruhn View Post
Thank you for your response. I finally had the time to try your workaround and I learned about the grub.conf options you posted - setting the runlevel, the display, and turning off Kernel Mode Setting.

I installed the nVidia drivers again (see nVidiaInstall.txt attached). I updated grub.conf (attached) with your recommended options. Tried the livna-config-display generated xorg.conf on one test and the fedora forums recommended xorg.conf (attached) on another. Upon reboot into run level 3 and log in, I performed startx.

Unfortunately, the workaround did not work for my system. The result was a display of the nVidia splashscreen in perpetuity and Xorg process using 100% CPU. I attached the nvidia-bug-report.log.gz from my last test.

I switched my system back to the Fedora 12 nouveau driver and continue to live without accelerated graphics (fglx gears ~120 frames per second compared to ~4800 fps accelerated prior to Fedora 12 install).

I'm bummed to say the least. I choose nVidia based on the recommendations in the Fedora community about the excellent Linux support. I noticed a post where it states:
Note: nVidia currently doesn't support cards older than Geforce6 on the xorg-x11-server used by Fedora 12. Please verify that the nouveau driver will fit your needs while upgrading.

Sounds like my Quadro 4 900 (Same chip as GeForce 4 Ti 4600) is too old already.

I'm trying to consider other options:
1. Switch to Ubuntu - Unfortunately I see Ubuntu users posting to this forum with issues whose charecteristics look similiar to mine.
2. Switch to Fedora 11 - Potentially there is support for GeForce4 cards.
3. Buy a newer video card - Dell website recommends my Precision 530 can handle a nVidia Quadro FX 4000 AGP. My AGP slot is 4x (1.5 volt). The Quadro FX 4000 AGP is 8x (0.8 Volt) but the tech specs say it is AGP 1x (3.3 volt) compatible. I hope that means it is also AGP 4X compatible. A picture of a 4000 on Ebay looks like the key is at the 1.5 volt position to me.
4. Wait until nVidia driver software fixes catch up with my issue. - Maybe never for my card?
5. Wait for the nouveau driver to support accelerated graphics. - Might be awhile.

Anybody have any recommendations regarding what to try next?

4x and 8x refer to the AGP port speed and have nothing to do with voltage.
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