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Default Re: G210m Blank Laptop Display

Hey tgui or someone...any chance you could make an edid file for my Sony VAIO PCG-81114L? It's got a 1920X1080 display using an NVIDIA Geforce GT 320m, (hardware-wise, appears to be almost identical to the 210M) and the edid files on this thread haven't worked, and I can't run the SoftMCCS program on Windows 7 on it; it crashes. I tried running that read-edid program under Ubuntu that you recommended, but it gave an error and the recommended workaround to use was a DOS version of it, but the compiler it needs doesn't work under x64 Windows, so I'm in a tough spot as far as trying to make my own edid file

The edid files I've tried give a display in X, but it's all big gray bars just like someone else in this thread reported, I think the guy you made the 1600X900 edid file for. Any chance I'm in luck?
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