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Default Re: G210m Blank Laptop Display

Originally Posted by Roland Deschain View Post
Hey tgui or someone...any chance you could make an edid file for my Sony VAIO PCG-81114L? It's got a 1920X1080 display using an NVIDIA Geforce GT 320m, (hardware-wise, appears to be almost identical to the 210M) and the edid files on this thread haven't worked, and I can't run the SoftMCCS program on Windows 7 on it; it crashes. I tried running that read-edid program under Ubuntu that you recommended, but it gave an error and the recommended workaround to use was a DOS version of it, but the compiler it needs doesn't work under x64 Windows, so I'm in a tough spot as far as trying to make my own edid file

The edid files I've tried give a display in X, but it's all big gray bars just like someone else in this thread reported, I think the guy you made the 1600X900 edid file for. Any chance I'm in luck?
Sorry, I'd need your laptop in person to make the edid. But, you can do it. Use phoenix edid puller as it works in win 7 (what I used).
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