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If it's truly a driver problem, then reporting it to might help. It helped me when I was using gcc 3.2 and the GLX library kept coming up with an unresolved reference to __divdi3. They said it was going to be fixed in the next release... and what do you know, it was.

But it might not necessarily be a driver problem, either. What's cat /proc/version tell you?

When you upgraded to gcc 3.2, did you replace all your system software with versions compiled with gcc 3.2? The ABI used by gcc 3.2 is different than the one used by 2.x (the ABI is more or less the way symbols and things get put into the binaries); what this amounts to is that you might have problems trying to link stuff that was compiled with gcc 3.2 against stuff that was compiled with earlier versions. Which is why the source install of the nVidia drivers complains when there's a compiler mismatch between the kernel and the compiler you're trying to use.

Is the "kernel 2.4.19" that you're using from, or off your distro's CDs?
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