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Default She's convinced she's being spyed on remotely

To make an incredibly long story as short as possible, My best friend is 99% sure she's about to file for divorce. Her husband turned out to be a complete wanker.
He works away for weeks at a time and has been caught having an affair with some broad up in New Hampshire where he's staying.

The guy installs security systems for a living, cameras and such. To our knowledge hes barely computer literate though. Yet he somehow knows what shes doing online, the times, the sites, he can access her Gmail account and read her mails. He has even somehow bugged her cell phone and can see the numbers she calls and texts to.

I've been through the house quite thoroughly looking for any suspicious electronics, I work construction for a living so I'd like to think I have a pretty good idea where things of this sort could be hidden. So far nothing has turned up. Ive been through her computer multiple times, uninstalled any suspect programs, disabled all remote services, made sure the firewalls up and running etc. I've pretty much exhausted all my methods of "spy hunting", admittedly this is the first time I've ever done it lol.

She is trying to research everything related to the divorce, with my help of course but she can't do it privately from home because he seems to know what she's doing there at all times.

She's so paraniod that he's watching her somehow and based on the things he says related to her internet/comp usage it seems very likely he is. I was hoping you guys might be able to help me figure out what the hell he's up to.
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