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Originally Posted by frenchy2k1 View Post
you could always start with the free ebook microsoft gives about C# coding:

edit: sorry, the book used to be free here: but this option has expired.

It walks you through building your first program.
Why are you learning C# (what type of programs do you want to build?) and what is your programming experience?
I learned python first. Fiddled with that for a bit, then started learning C++, but never really got deep into it. After that I learned the Arma 2 scripting language very well, I was a developer on the CLR (chenarus life revolution) mod. Also learned some basic SQL. Now I think I got enough experience to tackle a harder but more powerful language like c#.

Projects I have in mind include a weightlifting routine builder, input what body parts you want to improve and it will build you a routine. Based on techniques that are well known to work, ample rest cycles, proper set/rep ratios for your goals (size, strength, or endurance), 3-4 day splits ect ect Then output it to a text file so you can print it out and take it to the gym.

Im also looking into directx, i'd like to learn to make a simple game engine, fiddling with stuff like that is a lot of fun.

Originally Posted by FlakMagnet View Post
One great place for picking up sample code is CodeProject ( They have everything there from general programming tips and algorithms to excellent sample code written in C# submitted by the general public.

I would also look at the MSDN Library at and there is also a "How do I..." section at which could be useful.

If you are looking for books, just to Amazon and search for C# books. They will be rated and you can avoid the ones people don't like. I thinks it's best to get opinions from lots of people when buying books and not just one

Good luck, and I hope you enjoy C#
thanks added those to my bookmarks
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