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Default Left 4 Dead 2 sensitive to overclocking


I have my e8400 oc'ed to 4Ghz (500x8) with 1.462v. i ran prime95 for 18.5hrs stable and the max temp was 60c. ALL my games run perfectly. Except, left for dead 2. I'll open steam, start L4D2, join a game, start playing and all of a sudden I get a glitched screen with the "last sound clip" looped. This happens completely at random. Sometimes 5min into gameplay, other times 45min. I have to reboot to recover from it. It's bogus. I could play Crysis for hours or CoD4 for hours. I've disabled Multi-core rendering, I tried "mat_queue_mode 0" which doesn't even exist in L4D2's console (great). Lowest settings, Default settings, Nothing. I have the latest nvidia drivers and sound drivers. Anyone else experience this?
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