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Originally Posted by gulizard View Post
I had tested my rig at the 3.6GHz and it was 100% stable. I had no issues with it at that speed, however at 3.4GHz its 100% stable to, even under OCCT. I've had no errors at all tried both OC's now and the only thing different is the temps at 200MHz. So a 200MHz increase requires that much of a voltage bump? That is insane. I am def upgrading to I7.
Yeh... voltage only helps you suck out the last 400mhz or so assuming you have cooling that can handle it.

FYI, our chips are fine at 1.5v, that's what intel specced them at and as long as your cooling can support temps at a reasonable level and that voltage you should have absoultely nothing to worry about.

I've been running mine 1.5v for a while now and it helped me gain stability at 3.4ghz... mine's a pretty bad chip though and I can't push it past 3.4ghz without having issues, even with upwards of 1.6v

1.45v is nothign and well within reason. Regarding your comment about definetly buying an i7.... Q6600's are a 3 year old chip, I don't know what you were expecting, even compared to the Q9xxx series the 6600's are pretty poor overclockers, even the G0 stepping.
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