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Default Re: Where are the GeForce GT 240 Linux drivers?

Just tried 195.36.03 on my GT240/GDDR5 - powermizer bug remains, memory speed is still 324MHz instead of 1.7GHz, even when running OpenGL/CUDA apps...

$ glxgears & 
$ nvidia-settings -q all 2>&1 | egrep '(Current)?ClockFreqs' | grep '0\.0'
  Attribute 'GPU2DClockFreqs' (home:0.0): 135,135.
  Attribute 'GPU3DClockFreqs' (home:0.0): 550,1700.
  Attribute 'GPUDefault2DClockFreqs' (home:0.0): 135,135.
  Attribute 'GPUDefault3DClockFreqs' (home:0.0): 550,1700.
  Attribute 'GPUCurrentClockFreqs' (home:0.0): 405,324.
Under Windows, when running OpenGL apps, the card bumps up its speed to 1.7GHz (verified by GPU-z) and achieves anywhere between 2-5 times better speeds (depending program tested). The bug is easily verified via any of NVIDIA's own CUDA SDK tools, like bandwidthTest.

Come on, NVIDIA...
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