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I have a 240 GT card and my system is FreeBSD8.0-STABLE amd64. The only available amd64 195.22 driver's supported chip list does not include 240 GT. How ever I am able to load the driver and it seems to run. But there are couple major issues.

First is that its not possible to change the initial frequencies of the GPU or the memory. In beginning I noticed that PowerMizer was changing modes but the frequencies stayed the same stuck at downgraded mode of "Desktop" even if mode changed to Max Performance. I have tried to overwrite that with "Coolbits" overclocking feature but the driver seemed to ignore any overcloking settings that I generated with nvidia-settings. So I ended up with really poor performance in OpenGL applications, equivalent to a performance of a 6xxx generation card.

My second problem has been already reported from what I can see browsing the first page of topics in FreeBSD section. It is the kernel panic after shutting down xorg. Only thing I want to add is that most of the times it does cause a panic but sometimes it closes just fine.

When I checked the 32bit 195.30 driver, it had 240 chip added to supported list. But has the frequency control issue been tackled in it as it make most modern games unplayable at poor frequency rates? Also when can we expect to see amd64 build for it?
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