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Well, I tried what you said. I got the source files and ran makefile (I assume that was all I had to do) and it printed out a lot of text showing that it did somthing.

I then checked the module.conf file and the appropriate lines were there except that "alias nvnet eth0" was "alias eth0 nvnet".

I then rebooted and nothing changed as far as I could tell from the start up. I went to network setting and tried to activate it and got the same message as before. I then went into each folder of the "nvidia" that decompressed from the tar.gz and none of them had anything to do. I figured that the first one did it all but I might as well check.

Anyways, the only difference I find is that now the "hardware" tab of the network settings utility shows that I actually have a device called "nvnet" but there is no progress in getting it to activate.

tomorrow I go out of town for a trip to mexico and I probably wont have access before I leave and definitely none while I'm there. I will check in again when I get back on thursday night.

Thanks for all the help posted so far.
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