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Default Re: Need help with a wireless client connecting to server 08

Originally Posted by bacon12 View Post
Thread title is wrong wired or wireless does not matter. I never had any issues before with a local client connecting to my server (2008 enterprise). Both RDP and passworded shares fail. I can upload the security audit log from the server when I get on my desktop if anyone thinks it will help.

This is a brand new laptop I bought this week reformatted with 7 x64 ultimate. I can connect to every other machine with shares without any issues. It is also a member of the other 4 windows 7 machines workgroup again without issue. I have searched for hours looking for the cause. About ready to go postal..
Is the firewall disabled on the workstation? If not, try to disable it, and then see if you can join the domain. I've never heard of a problem like that before...

EDIT: Also, try to disjoin the domain and then try to re-join it.
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