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Default Re: Got my taxes back

Originally Posted by gulizard View Post
I got a lot more. After paying the bills where I was in-prison and unable to pay those said bills. I have some money. I realize fermi is far off. Is the I7 that much of a leap over the Q6600? Should I upgrade and get the I7 now, or do you think that FERMI would not be to badly CPU limited on my current hardware. I realize a new PSU is a must.

I know no one can really know the answer, but I am sure someone such as Xion X2 could steer me in the right direction. I am debating to go ahead NOW, for 690 bucks and grab the I7 920 + the EVGA X58 board, and some DDR3 RAM, and a new PSU and maybe just hold off on upgrading my video card till Fermi comes around, however I do not want to upgrade my processor if its going to be able to handle fermi and play most games. As my Q6600 is fast at doing anything I do now.
I recommend waiting honestly.

Save your money.
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