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Default Re: Core i7 Overclocking thread

OC doing well so far. As I type I'm 45 mins in to a stability test (all is well so far) at the following setting;

4 cores, no HT at 4.2Ghz (200 x 21) - CPU-Z showing 1.29vCore (set to 1.325 in BIOS with LLC enabled)

CPU core temps are hovering around 74-80*C. There's no way this H5O will cope with HT at these clocks, but it was OK with HT at 4.0Ghz. Idle temps are 38-43*C

RAM @ (8x) 1600 8-8-8-20-90 2T 1.66v
Uncore @ 16x
VTT/uncore @ 1.34v
QPI @ lowest x
ioh and ich @ 1.2v
CPU ppl @ 1.88v

Just been trying to get it stable. The main thing causing problems was the Command Rate setting, which didn't like 1T, and of course finding the right combo or vCore and clocks.

If it hasn't crashed in an hour or two it start bringing the voltages and timings down a bit. Otherwise I'm very happy

Gonna post some pics in the PYR2010 thread.
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