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Default Re: Core i7 Overclocking thread

Originally Posted by Dr.Nick View Post
Glad to see you got the upgrades going. My guess is that it needs a little qpi voltage if you are running it at the default 1.2v. It will probably help with getting your ram to run at 1T too(it should not be an issue with only three sticks).
Personally I like to have HT enabled and if you are using prime to stress test switch to intel burn test or occt. They will reveal weak oc's much quicker and easier
All my voltages are in my post above if you want to try them out
Cheers man. On this mobo that qpi thing is called uncore/VTT or something, and it is at 1.34v. It's the qpi multiplier that's at the lowest setting . I've always found Prime95 shows weaknesses up faster. I've tried OCCT though and it's good, I just prefer P95. With HT enabled I couldn't get it stable without 1.35v and my cooler can't hack it. It hit 90*C so I stopped it. It's a good cooler overall, but once you cross a point the temps go up pretty quickly.
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