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Default Re: Core i7 Overclocking thread

Originally Posted by Revs View Post
Cheers man. On this mobo that qpi thing is called uncore/VTT or something, and it is at 1.34v. It's the qpi multiplier that's at the lowest setting . I've always found Prime95 shows weaknesses up faster. I've tried OCCT though and it's good, I just prefer P95. With HT enabled I couldn't get it stable without 1.35v and my cooler can't hack it. It hit 90*C so I stopped it. It's a good cooler overall, but once you cross a point the temps go up pretty quickly.

Everybody likes to give that setting their own name for some reason lol; on mine its qpi/dram core. But most of these guides on the web were meant for the C0 cores and use lots of voltage which can actually hinder D0 overclocking. Have you tried leaving everything on default and just playing with a low vcore/qpi? I freak out even getting close to 70c.
I like prime too but I notice ibt/occt make my cpu run a few degrees warmer and seem to make it crap out faster if its going to
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