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Default XFX 6600GT AGP no picture on Panasonic plasma with DVI - HDMI


ive been using a XFX 6600gt AGP card for dual monitors for sometime and its worked fine. ive recently upgraded my pc and this pc has been relegated to HTPC use.

i cant get any picture to show up using a DVI - HDMI adapter on a Panasonic plasma tv. When i plug it into my Pioneer receiver via HDMI, i get a green tint to everything sometimes and other times not - its random. so i figured i may as well pass the audio to the receiver via spdif and send the video directly to the tv. but i get no signal at all on the tv.

receiver pioneer vsh-23thx.
plasma tv - panasonic tc54s1

any idea why i dont get video when i plug it directly to the tv?

all replies will be much appreciated.

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