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higher temps, yeh I'm sure it does... then again I've had many other parts fail in the past before my cpus

3.0c Pentium 4 -- still running fine
1.8ghz opteron 165 (ran at 2.6 and over-volted) still running fine...

In general the motherboard, particularly its power circuitry will die long befor ethe processor will.

You need to look at what intel specs these things for... they have to assume worst-case. Something like where someone would have a pc in a cabinet with poor ventilation, or a poor yield chip where it needs a high VID to operate.

That's why they establish that 1.5v is the max you can pump through a Q6600 without damaging it, it's within specifications posted on the intel site. They also spec out the temps saying less than 77 is fine. As long as you're running your cpu with less than 1.5v and you're under 77C under full load, I'd argue that the rule still applies of "It'll be obsolete before it dies"
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