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Woohoo! Another thead to comment in.

Creative sucks. I have done lots and lots of research on this. Creative can do hardware, no doubt about that, their cards are filled with features, but the most important is their drivers. Their drivers have and always have sucked. I had an Audigy, I suffer the clicks and pops in music and things like Winamp stopping and going and stuff. I'm just up to here with it. I've been insulted by Creative staff on the phone, in their newsgroups and just e-mailing them. They sent me similar e-mails to the one that originated this thread and I thought. WTF do I need this crap for. Screw it, I want to get rid of this Audigy and get a different card. And so I got rid of the Audigy and I have a Hercules Theatre XP. I have not yet regretted it and to be honest, my sound sounds better and my game perforamance is like I got a new machine. Not as many slowdowns, sound is just as good as an Audigy if not better at times and the drivers are just continually better.

Creative is crap. But unfortunately most of the Creative Labs customers don't know about the hunk of crap bus hogging sound card they have in their machines and continue on because it sounds good. As such Creative continues to dominate the sound market. Sad Sad Sad... we can criticize other companies like MS and stuff, but in my mind, Creative is a bunch of deceptive SOB's that I'd love to have every site slander their products and their driver qualities, but do you think it will ever happen??

No site and I mean no site unless you dig really deep will have the balls to do it. And why not? There is probably a very big amount of people who are like us, realized the crap of Creative and moved on.

Until that time comes, Creative will continue to dominate this market and nothing will ever improve. And thus my comment about Audigy 2. They haven't even got the Audigy working properly and they have the audacity to put out a Audigy 2! These guys are smoking some serious drugs, but obviously the right ones cuz they continue to spam magazine with their hardware and companies like Hercules and Turtle Beach are masked by their shadow.

It's truely sad. But I'm always happy to see another person who sees the light, the true quality of Creative Labs.
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